HRM 310 – Organizational Development In Lean On Me Movie Analysis


Lean on Me movie by Morgan Freeman is a fiction film outlining a story about an obsessed, troubled, and angry character. The film provides an indication of how organization development can be achieved through leadership power and the implementation of leadership strategies.

Before Mr. Clark’s arrival, the school operated under a filthy and dilapidated corporate culture. It is evident that the school’s inside was covered by garbage strewn as well as graffiti. The chaotic nature of the culture was prevalent everywhere including within the classes. The gamut was lead by a student body, ranging from the persons who were disruptive and violent drug dealers to the non- disruptive ones. The teachers teaching abilities were affected by the existence of the disruptive students. Gang members, drug dealers, prostitutes and alcoholics waded through potential hazards on daily basis as the campus was highly unsafe. However, after the arrival of Mr. Clark, the culture changed for the better. Incidentally, Clark ensured the closure of the drug business. In addition, he established ways of protection for the teachers and the students through the implementation of various safety measures despite their cost. Order and structure was evident as he managed to keep the drug dealers out of the high school. In addition, Mr. Clark came up with a card system for the sake of enhancing security. All the visitors, students and teachers were required to have an ID card to access the school’s premises. Indeed, he implemented a culture of power (Miller, 2011).

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Mr. Clark’s organizational interventions were highly successful. Incidentally, Clark was able to maintain security and peace within the school by changing the security system, establishing a card system, and including the school members within his security protocol. His leadership style got him in trouble as his life was threatened during several instances. On the contrary, his leadership style ensured his success as it promoted a safety culture for the people with the inexistence of dangerous gangs within the school.

The positives associated with the interventions instituted by Clark were the enhancement of safety and a comfortable learning environment for the people. Poverty, gangs and drugs were no longer the case. The school is now easy to manage with a reduction in the number of students who were making learning difficult. Facilities maintenance, responsible teachers, increased discipline and enhanced student protocols was now evident. The main negative noticed was the fact that Clark’s life was under a threat from the students who did not like his implemented leadership strategies (Miller, 2011).

To flex his muscles over the teachers, Mr. Clark established an ID card system which required the teachers to always have a visible picture printed on the IDs hanging on their necks. In addition, he also required the teachers to always report to him since he was the head of the school at that point in time. Mr. Clark was able to mend his problem through his culture of power and was also able to institute security measure that not only benefited the school but also promoted his safety from that of the angry school members.


In summary, Lean on Me movie outlines various leadership strategies and theories and how they can be used to promote organization development. The use of power and the maintenance of a paternalistic leadership style contributed towards the success of the Eastside High School and hence a better learning environment.

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