Managing Competing Agendas


Immigration is an issue that affects a number of agencies in the United States. There are three related agencies that are concerned in this issue. The six agencies are all found under the federal government. These agencies include the US department of homeland security (DHS) with the US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS), the US immigration and customs enforcement (ICF) and the U.S. Customs & border protection departments. The other two agencies include US department of State (DOS) and the US department of labor (DOL). Each agency has a specific role it plays in determining the immigration issue. However, the agency that is very much concerned about ensuring no illegal immigrants enters into the country is the DHS .

Organization of the Agency in which Immigration Issue Reside

The DHS is an extensive agency that focuses on the internal security of the U.S. The department is head by the department Secretary assisted by the Deputy Secretary. Under the secretary there are eight departments with the only department more concerned with immigration being national protection and programs directorate. Under this level there is a department referred to as citizenship and immigration service ombudsman, under which there are three more departments. They include the U.S. Customs & border protection, U.S. citizenship and immigration services and the U.S. immigrations and customs enforcement (Department of Homeland Security, 2015).

The USCIS has a role of the administration of naturalization and immigration adjudication functions and determining immigration services priorities and policies. The US customs and border protection department focus on protecting the country from terrorism. It has a role of facilitating and securing travel and trade while enforcing a huge number of the United States regulation that include drug and immigration laws. Therefore, this department is responsible for handling illegal immigration.  The immigration and customs enforcement is responsible for enacting customs and immigration laws of the United States and to safeguard the country over terrorist attacks. This department tries to attain this by pursuing illegal immigrants, which include material, money and people who supports criminal activities and more those that specialize on terrorism.  The three departments work hand in hand to accomplish the agency mission through sharing of information and implementation of the set policies, and effective enforcement of law in their respective areas (Department of Homeland Security, 2015).

In the DOL the immigration issue is only handled in the office of foreign labor certification. The office is responsible of certification of foreign labor based on individuals’ qualification. The office is also obligated to certify labor applications conditions which must to be filed with the USCIS for particular non-immigrant petitions. The DOS is also involved in the immigration issues since it is responsible of giving Visa to immigrant based on the form of migration; permanent or temporary.  They are also responsible of releasing Visa bulletin on monthly basis  offering summary of availability of numbers of immigrant at a given time. The department is also available of conducting visa lottery based on diversity. Although the three agencies which include the DHS, DOL and DOS are involved in migration, the DHS has the major role in protecting the country over illegal immigrants who do not consider using the right migration challenges and thus, it will be the agency of concern in this paper.

Human Resource Management Impact on Immigration Issue

The success of the illegal immigrant management highly depends on the efficiency, integrity, transparency and the accountability of employees in the DHS. The DHS human resource management is a department under management director which is third in the management linage from the sectary of the department. The department is responsible of ensuring the enforcement of team work and high level of collaboration when achieving the agency goals which include immigration control.  The department impacts the immigration issues based on how it manages its workers and based on the level of accountability and transparency the department has managed to instill in its workers. Immigration is currently regarded as a major problem due to high level of corruption in the immigration departments and also due to lack of maximum efficiency in securing the country’s boarder. This can be regarded as a human resource management failure since it has not ensured a high level of accountability in the agency. Human resource negligence and reluctances to implement work ethics, good working policies, accountability and work dedication can highly result to work inefficiency which will result to increase in illegal immigrant in the country. However, if the depart ensures that all these have been observed, the country will effectively manage the immigration problem (Gopalakrishnan, 2012).

Budgeting Impact on Immigration Issue

Budgeting is normally done by the accounting and finance department which is enclosed in the managerial director, a department in the row immediately after the secretary in the organization structure. The  budgeting process involve the assessment of the needs to be accomplished in all departments of the agency, setting aside enough finances to cater for those needs and determining manner in which this money will be released. It also involves monitoring of the financial use and enhancing the accountability in any department. The budgeting process can positively influence the immigration control issues by providing the involved department with enough funds to enhance their duties, and ensuring effective utilization of the provided funds through monitoring and accountability. It can also negatively influence the control of immigration by limiting the funds to the departments related to immigration control. For instance, a lot is needed to ensure the country borders are always guarded. This cannot be managed with limited financing and thus, poor budgeting or deficiency of funds in these departments will limit their efficiency in operations. In addition, lack of monitoring and accountability may result to misuse of funds and wrong application and thus, impacting the efficiency of the concerned departments (IES, 2015).

Political Environment and Political Responsiveness Challenges

Although immigration has been identified as a broken system in the United States, there is still a conflict on how this problem should be solved. Most individuals in the United States political system are reluctant to address the issue, since immigration has highly defined the current US political composition. However, the issue of terrorism which goes hand in hand with immigration is pushing the country into employing the necessary measures to ensure maximum protection of the country’s citizens and properties (Moses, 2009). Another aspect creating mix in this issue is the anticipated labor shortage from the country. This makes most of the politician fill that they need to ease the process of migration since the country may be in a great need of foreigners in the country. All this creates a great confusion of what need to be done. The agency management of immigration which is guided by the policy and the customs may experience a great challenge in defining the right process to employ to enhance immigration in the county. The senators’ rejection of the recent immigration bill demonstrates that not every other measure will be employed to harness the immigration issue in the country. In this regard the agency may experience a problem in enacting some of their tough policies employed to enhance immigration (The White House, 2014).


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