HSOP410 Course – All Discussions With Sample Answers

HSOP410 Week 1 Discussion  Questions

Introduction to Restaurants

The restaurant industry is often mistaken to be thought of as an easy business to run. We will begin this week’s discussion with your opinion on this matter. Do you think restaurants are easy to run? Why or why not? Please elaborate on your answer, and feel free to share some examples

Kinds and Characteristics of Restaurants

In the restaurant industry, there are diverse types of restaurant ownership. What is the fastest growing trend of characteristics of restaurants today? Back up your answer with some research either from our textbook or any other reliable sources. Don’t forget to always cite your source in APA format at the end of your post.

HSOP410 Week 2 Discussion  Questions

Concept, Location, and Design

Concept, location, and design are major elements in the success of a restaurant. Discuss current concept trends and why you believe these trends are successful in today’s world of restaurants.

The Menu

The menu serves as a great selling tool, and it is thefaceof the restaurant. Begin by explaining why the menu is considered to be a strong selling tool, and how front of the house staff can increase their check average by selling the menu effectively.

HSOP410 Week 3 Discussion  Questions

Financing and Leasing

Finance and leasing are very important to the overall success of a restaurant. It starts with securing capital funds. What are some key areas of consideration when presenting a financial plan to a group of investors? What are some do’s and don’t’s?

Legal and Tax Matters

Understanding taxes is not only important to the success of the restaurant, it is also important for the owner to avoid tax mistakes that can cost a lot of money in penalties. What are some examples of legitimate business expenses that are tax deductible? Be sure to visit the corresponding chapter for information, and don’t forget to cite your sources in your posts.

HSOP410 Week 4 Discussion  Questions

Bar and Beverage

The bar is a profitable area for a restaurant. It is also one of the highest liability areas of a restaurant. In recent years, there is growing awareness of drinking and driving. We will begin this week’s discussion with the liability restaurants face when serving alcoholic beverages. To what extent do you believe a restaurant owner is liable when serving alcoholic beverages? How about bartenders and servers?

Restaurant Operations

In this discussion thread, we will review a variety of operational topics as related to restaurants: from controlling costs to food safety and sanitation, and also proper purchasing. What are some main areas of control in a restaurant? Give a few examples, and explain how these areas of control are unique to a restaurant business.

HSOP410 Week 5 Discussion  Questions

Restaurant Leadership and Management

Many studies have been conducted about leadership and management. Leadership in restaurants presents unique challenges. We will begin our discussion this week exploring some of those challenges. What are some unique challenges in leadership of restaurants? Give examples and support your answer with research (properly cite research).

Organization, Recruiting, and Staffing

Staffing the restaurant properly is key to the overall success of the organization. Identify at least three different jobs you would find in a restaurant? List some tasks associated with those jobs.

HSOP410 Week 6 Discussion  Questions

Employee Training and Development

Proper employee training and development in the restaurant industry is lacking. We will begin this week’s discussion understanding the reasons behind it. What are some reasons for the shortcomings of employee training and development in the restaurant industry?

Service and Guest Relations

Service is an integral part of a restaurant. Most customers will not return to a restaurant if they had inadequate service. What are some essential steps of service that must be evident in any type of restaurant, and why do you think these steps of service are so important?

HSOP410 Week 7 Discussion  Questions

Technology in the Restaurant Industry

Technology is ever-evolving. In today’s technological world, it seems like technology is changing with a blink of an eye. We will start our discussion this week by sharing some new technologies in the restaurant industry. Discuss some new technologies you have seen recently in restaurants. What did you like about it? What didn’t you like?

Restaurant Business and Marketing Plans

In your opinion, how important is it for a single restaurant to have a marketing plan? Is it worth their time? Why or why not?

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