HSOP450 Course – All Assignments With Sample Answers

HSOP450 Assignment 1


  1. Suppose that you are a high school economics teacher. You plan to visit your principal’s office and convince her that tourism should be included as part of one of your courses. What arguments would you use?
  2. You are the minister of tourism of Jamaica, an island country. Identify the instructions you would issue to your statistics department concerning collecting data on tourist arrivals and expenditures.

Chapter 2: Read Internet Exercise Activity 2, and answer questions 1, 2, and 3 at the end of Activity 2.


Site Name:National Trust for Historic Preservation

URL: www.preservationnation.org

Background Information:The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a privately funded nonprofit organization that provides leadership, education, and advocacy to save America’s diverse historic places and revitalize our communities.


  1. What are National Trust historic sites?
  2. Where does the National Trust get its operating funds?
  3. Does the National Trust decide which buildings are historic?

Chapter 3: If you were to get a job in the tourism industry, which area would you focus on and why? Also, discuss how would you go about searching for the position you would be interested in.

HSOP450 Assignment 3

Textbook Assignment

Chapter 7: Internet Exercises, Activity 1: Answer both questions at the end of Activity 1.

The Internet sites mentioned in this chapter plus some selected additional sites are listed for your convenience on the companion Web site for this book,www.wiley.com/college/goeldner.


Site Name: Expedia Travel


Background Information: This site features comprehensive destination information, timely and relevant travel news, expert advice, the lowdown on deals, and much more.

Site Name: Travelocity


Background Information: Travelocity, powered by the Sabre system, provides reservations capabilities for over 420 airlines, 40,000 hotels, and more than 50 car rental companies.

Site Name: Orbitz


Background Information: Orbitz is another online agency. It is a major competitor to Expedia and Travelocity.


  1. Describe the features of these three sites.
  2. Identify their role in the tourism distribution system.

Chapter 8: Answer the questions for the Case Problem at the end of the chapter. Length of your response should be at least 275-300 words for this assignment. If applicable, support your answers with sources and cite your source in APA format.

Many of the states in the United States are experiencing budget problems. A number of legislatures are considering legalizing gaming (gambling). Some states have already done so. As a state representative, you have decided to introduce legislation legalizing gaming to bolster your state’s budget. What would be your arguments supporting this bill? What opposition would you expect?

HSOP450 Assignment 5

Textbook Assignment

Chapter 12: Respond to Case Problems 1 and 2 at the end of the chapter. Be sure to elaborately answer the questions from each Case Problem. Your answers should be about 250 words per Case Problem.

Chapter 13: At the end of the chapter, answer the following questions for review and discussion: 1, 3, 8.

Chapter 14: At the end of the chapter, review Internet Exercises – Activity 1, and answer all three questions for that activity.

HSOP450 Assignment 7

Textbook Assignment

Chapter 18: Respond to the Case Problem at the end of the chapter. Be sure to elaborately answer the questions. Length should be about 250 words for this Case Problem.


You are the research director of the Colorado Tourism Office and plan to conduct a study of tourists visiting the state to create a profile of the Colorado visitor to help guide advertising and promotion decisions. What questions will you ask in the study? What demographic data will you collect? How will you sample visitors to ensure you have a representative sample? How will you tabulate the results? How will you present your findings?

Chapter 20: At the end of the chapter, answer the following questions for review and discussion: 1, 3, and 8.

  1. What might be an obstacle to the optimistic projections of increased international tourism forecast in this chapter?
  2. Can tourism enhance and improve a destination area’s cultural and hospitality resources? Provide actual or hypothetical examples.
  3. What do you think the future of space tourism will be?

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