HSOP450 Course – All Discussions With Sample Answers

HSOP450 Week 1 Discussion Questions

Tourism Industry History Overview

What are some of the reasons people travel? Where have you traveled lately, and why did you travel? What changes are you seeing in travel and tourism?

Careers in Tourism

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world. After reading Chapter 3, select one specific job in tourism that you liked and discuss it in detail. Tell us why did you like it, what are some advantages to this job, and how would you go about searching and applying for a job opening of this kind?

HSOP450 Week 2 Discussion Questions

Tourism Organizations

There are many tourism organizations that work together globally. Discuss the variety of global tourism organizations, and give specific examples of how they contribute to tourism overall.

Hospitality and Tourism

In this discussion thread, we will explore the connection between hospitality and tourism. Start by giving examples of how different segments of the hospitality industry are linked to the tourism industry.

HSOP450 Week 3 Discussion Questions

Tourism Distribution

Some travelers choose to utilize travel agents when booking their excursions. What is the role of a travel agent? What do you think will be the impact of travel agents in the future?


Think of some attractions that are popular today more than ever. What are the reasons for their popularity? What do you think travel agents do to promote popular attractions in this day and age?

HSOP450 Week 4 Discussion Questions

Tourism Motivation

What are some prime reasons why people like to travel? How can travel and tourism organizations bank on the fact that people like to travel? Give several examples.

Tourism Culture and Society

In this discussion thread, begin by explaining the importance for travel professionals to understand different cultures, and how this knowledge can contribute to better sales of destinations.

HSOP450 Week 5 Discussion Questions

Tourism Supply and Demand

In this discussion thread this week, we will talk about tourism supply and demand. Let’s begin with supply. Give some examples of supply as related to tourism. Begin with defining tourism supply, then give examples.

Tourism Economic Impact

In what ways was the tourism industry impacted with the economic collapse of 2008? What are some innovative ways the tourism industry paved its own road to recovery?

HSOP450 Week 6 Discussion Questions

Planning and Development

It is important to understand how tourism policies are implemented and how they impact government, business, and the environment. Why are tourism policies important? How can we analyze tourism planning and development as applied policy?


Ecotourism has become a hot topic in the world of tourism. What is ecotourism? How has ecotourism affected the travel industry? Let’s each find and discuss an example of an ecotourism destination.

HSOP450 Week 7 Discussion Questions

Tourism Marketing and Research

In this week’s textbook readings and lecture, we take a closer look at tourism marketing. Marketing is very broad. Discuss unique aspects of marketing as related to tourism.

Tourism’s Future

In your own personal opinion, what do you think the future of tourism is going to look like? Do you believe tourism around the world will continue to grow? What are some contributors to future tourism growth?

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