Human Evolution from Chimpanzee

Primatologists and anthropologists argue that to understand the human nature, one need to delve in the behavior of apes. Modern primates illustrate social interactions and forms of an organization similar to the humans. The paper will address how humans have evolved ancestral primate cousins through genetic and physical changes.

One element that is common in both is that chimpanzees just as humans have the ability to duplicate their genetic materials. Capacity to replicate is what has set the stage for evolution as it allows for new combinations upon the fusion of gametes (Rick, 2004). The duplicated gene, thus are the raw materials for novel genes generation and origin of new biological functions. In a study of primates about 1,000 genes illustrated some lineage-specific changes unique to humans.  The changes represent a 3.4% of net genes tested in about 30,000 human genes (Bozek et al., 2014). The change is representative of a significant degree of evolution; however, the conserved genetic composition is an explanation of the similarities maintained between the two species.

The uniqueness in humans is expressed in a physical form where evident characteristics illustrate the advancements. For instance, unlike chimpanzees who are quadrupedal, humans are bipedal (Bozek et al., 2014). Humans, due to their advanced nature, have tamed nature and they reside in permanent dwellings.  Just like chimpanzees, humans are organized into social groups however they are more advanced. Internal breeding a conspicuous difference is greatly discouraged in humans (Rick, 2004).

Humans have a relationship with other ape members that can be illustrated in genomic composition and through physical characteristics. However, humans seem to have accrued advantages that have made them a more advanced species. Through the study of close relatives such as chimpanzees, a great insight into human evolution is gained.

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