Human Resource Disciplines

  • Training and Development

Under this Human Resource discipline, it is the role of the Human Resource to organize professional seminars, workshops and orientation of new hires as a way of enhancing the qualities of their employees. It also involves the assessment of employees, determining areas of improvement and implementing development strategy.

  • Recruitment and Selection

Under this function, it the role of the Human Resource to meet the workforce demands of a company. Apart from just recruiting the right employees, it is also the role of the HR to ensure the company retains employees by providing incentive programs and cross-training programs (Richardson, 2013).

  • Compensation and Benefits

This Human Resource discipline looks into the compensation and benefits employees get as result of working for a company. The Human Resource decides on the levels of compensation and benefits that are not only friendly to the employee but also viable to the company.

  • Employee Relations

Under this Human Resource discipline, the human resource is fully responsible for ensuring employees maintain good employee-employee relationships. The HR is mandated under these functions to investigate and resolve the issues affecting employees. It basically ensures employee welfare is protected and their well-being maintained (Richardson, 2013).

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