6 Things To Focus On When Creating A Human Resources Department for an Organization

Assignment Instructions

You have been hired by a company as a Human Resource Generalist to create a Human Resources Department for the organization. You will be the only employee in this department for the foreseeable future. Create a 6-month plan of things you want to focus on. This can be in a timeline structure (with detailed notes) or as a proposal.

Sample Answer – 6-month Plan

1st Month-Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a very crucial element in a company and should be key in assessing the performance of a company. Customer satisfaction is subject to how a company treats its customers in terms of the quality of their products and services, the approach to customer complaints as well as customer related services such as product delivery systems (Josephat, 2011). The first thing I would do is to assess customer satisfaction in terms of the company’s customer base and rate at which the company gets new customers. My assessment would include the evaluation of employee-customer relationship and how that affects customer satisfaction and come up with recommendations that can improve the relationship so that the company can expand its customer base.

2nd Month- Performance assessment

Performance assessment refers to the evaluation of a company’s productivity vis a vis input. A company performs well when the productivity is high compared to the cost of production. I would measure the company’s performance by looking at various critical aspects that determine performance such as employee job satisfaction, customer satisfaction, revenues accrued and cost of production. These four elements play a vital role in overall performance of a company. The point in carrying out performance assessment is to determine whether the company is improving or not. In this regard, I would also develop an implementation plan of factors that should be considered to improve the status quo of the company in terms of performance.

 3rd Month- Effective work design

After carrying out performance assessment, I would develop an effecting work design to ensure the company’s productivity is improved. Work design is important in ensuring employees are given the right duties, in the right quantities. This will not only ensure effective production but also efficiency in operations.

4th Month- Development of a Training and Development program

The fourth thing I would do is develop a training and development program for the existing employees. It is important for the company to train and develop its employees so that their skills can keep pace with the changing business environment in terms of technology and approach to business challenges. This program will enable employees to learn new skills in that come as a result of the dynamics in the business environment

5th Month- Develop Criteria for Recruitment and Selection

The company is bound to grow and expand in terms of the services they offer. This will definitely results to an increase in the number of employees. In this regard, the fifth thing I would do is to develop criteria for recruitment and selection to be used in recruiting new employees. This would include among other things the merits required on new employees.

6th Month – Develop a strategy map

The last thing I would do is to develop a human resource strategy map. This strategy map would basically encompass the deliverables the department would wish to achieve as part of the company’s overall strategic plan. This would include issues to do with labor management, compensation and benefits for employees as well as communication channels that will ensure efficiency in operations and job satisfaction for all employees.

The factors that need to be considered in the formulation of a human resource department include functionality and objectivity. When formulating a human resource department, it is important to consider its functionality in terms of its deliverables (Bert, 2015). A human resource department should be functional in the sense that it should be able to increase efficiency in operations while at the same time reducing the cost of production. As far as objectivity is concerned, a human resource department should be able to accomplish goals that benefit the company. The objective for formulating a human resource department is to ensure that it accomplishes all the function of the traditional system while offering greater ease to the new system (Bert, 2015).

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