Wisdom Of Washington’s Comments And Impact Of The Current Partisan Environment On Public Policy

In George Washington’s farewell address, he warned people that political factions could seek to obstruct the process of law execution or even prevent constitutional branches from enacting powers in the name of solving and working on pressing problems and popular demands. However, in these activities, they would, in actual sense, be seeking to take the power from the very people who possess those powers and direct it to unjust men.

It has been evident, since the 1960s, that the environment has become a legitimate policy in American politics.  With this in mind, the divided party control of policymaking in the United States has dramatically increased over the years creating a partisanship that is, in other words, the deleterious “new normal” undermining the public policy process. One of the best examples is legislative delays that are often the outcome of the involvement of two ideologically polarized parties. In one party controls the presidency while the other controls congress chambers, with a big ideological gulf standing in between them.

Although the presence of the democrats and the republicans does quite lead to important debates about policy prescriptions that result in better-designed policy, it does not happen optimally. This divided nature of the government ultimately influences the length of the public policy process, drawing the rage of the American public and finally fostering distrust of public policy structures.

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