Illegal Drug Use, Prostitution, And Money Laundering Problems In The United States

Illegal drug use, illegal prostitution, and money laundering are some of the vice crime that the American society is striving hard to fight every day (Mooney et al., 1997). Vice crimes are crimes often thought to go against morality. They are illegal activities that usually have no complaining participants and are simply regarded as victimless crimes.

To begin with, Illegal drug use is usually an underlying subject of moderate to severe abuse. Many people who take drugs are often involved in prostitution as well(Stout et al., 2004). What is more, even high-ranking or corporate businesspeople engage in money laundering, with the aims of getting rich. Illegal drug use is, therefore, the baseline to all these crimes, most of the times.

Illegal drug use typically leads to abuse of drugs in the long run, which in transit plays a big role in thecrime. Illegal drug abuse is the gateway to much more crimes and can destroy one’s life. Drug trafficking is a big ring that even the law enforcement agencies do not manage to crack down all the members. In fact, it is so intense that when several members get arrested, they still manage to run the business even from premises like prisons.

The United States government has recently increased interests in combating illegal drug abuse. By this, it has installed frameworks to help regulate drugs from the public, especially those that alter minds of humans like bath salts and PCP. However, the more the government attempts to regulate illegal drug use; the more people are involved in the abuse. The most commonly abused drugs include cocaine, DMT, alcohol, bath salts, marijuana, inhalants, methamphetamines, hallucinogens, LSD, salvia, and many other over-the-counter drugs. The main reasons for use are misconceptions of desires like sexual pleasure, tanning, and anapparent increase in concentration abilities.

Some of the possible solutions to these vice crimes include shifting resources to effective programs like public health approaches, making treatment available, investing in American youth and giving them accurate information, focusing on law enforcement resources on most dangerous criminals, demilitarization of drug control efforts, and respect state rights and allow new approaches to be tried.

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