Immigration Policy


The immigration policy in America is important in the control of foreigners who enter into the country and their period of stay together with the close supervision of the people as they do their activities. The Immigration law in the United States is quite sophisticated. The Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) that further limits the number permanent immigrants to 675000 govern the immigration policy in the United States. The laws further provide for exception to the immigrants especially about their close family members. The congress plays a great part in immigration policy especially where it concentrates on developing the various laws that govern refugees and their admission to the country (Motomura, 2014).

The number of refugees to be taken into countries is deliberated by the immigration policy. Moreover, immigration about the US is based on the reconnecting families, intake of immigrants with potential skills that are profitable to the United States economy, increasing diversity and enhancing refugee protection. The reunification of various people especially by members who are either permanent residents or citizens in the United States occur about their settling with them in the United States. Some of the citizens who can be allowed into the country are various family members of the citizen or permanent resident. Such members may include spouses, children who are not yet married and parents of the United States people (Baglay & Nakache, 2014). Furthermore, there are limitations to how many family members or people can enter the United States. The criteria that the petitioners should meet is that they should be adult children together with being spouses of the US citizens. Other forms of immigration are employment based which may be temporary or permanent. Therefore, such people issue temporary or permanent visas to the people. Asylum seekers and refuges can also be allowed into the country under different conditions. Refugees and asylees are usually considered especially in dire circumstances where they are in great danger should they go back to their countries.

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