Network Monitoring Technology – Simple Network Management Protocol

Simple network management protocol

  • Simple network management protocol (SNMP) is a network monitoring technology that deals with security in a network
  • The SNMP software helps in the monitoring of devices on the network on the specific network devices that has the installation.
  • The SNMP softer is an agent which forms part of the windows server 2003 which further work with other SNMP software to perform various managerial tasks in organizations.
  • They interact together to enable the monitoring of networks applications and devices and thus the management systems perform the monitoring function.
Simple network management protocol
Simple network management protocol

Simple network management protocol Purpose

  • SNMP is mostly used in the configuration of devices in remote positions, monitor performance of network and audit the utilization the network together with finding out faults in networks and unauthorized network

SNMP management agents and systems

  • SNMP usually puts in place a management system for hosts in a network (Dyllan et al., 2001)
  • Such hosts include hubs form a strategically placed computer, bridges, routers, servers or workstations
  • SNMP further carries out management functions by using a spread out design of agents and management systems

SNMP management system

  • An SNMP agent usually receives information from the management console or system
  • Devices that run the SNMP software is referred to as a management system
  • The management application system usually does not run on identical hosts like the SNMP agent
  • Information is usually found from a managed computer which is referred to as an SMNP agent which can the space available on the hard disk or the total sessions active in the network
  • The management system is further instrumental in making an alteration to the configuration of an agent

Simple network management protocol Advantages

  • It works well in network monitoring
  • Effective in fault management
  • MIBS are effected and defined for the devices in the network
  • Disadvantages
  • Big retrievals are sflower
  • It is difficult for rollback configuration

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