Importance of Effective Screening of Potential Employees by an Organization

Candidate is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. Screening is a process that involves sorting out resumes based on certain recruitment aspects that defines the qualification of the needed employees. Screening involves having a quick look at the resumes to eliminate those that do not match up the defined criteria. The main aim of screening is to shortlist applicants that seem to be more suitable for the advertised position. Screening is an essential skill to human resource managers, since it determines the kind of workers to define the institution. Thus the resumes in this process should be strictly reviewed as per the defined criteria. Every applicant may be given a numerical rating based on the selection criteria to permit for a comparison between candidates (Pande&Basak, 2015).

Screening is very important in a recruitment process. It plays a great role in the process of candidate selection. It highly determines who should appear for the interview and who should be eliminated based on qualification disparity.  It assists the recruitment team in selecting the best candidate among the applicant, or redefining their job advert to be able to capture the exact kind of applicant needed by an organization. Screening process plays a great role in determining the kind of workers an organization should have (Pande&Basak, 2015). This is very important especially in healthcare organizations where specific academic qualification and accreditation is needed for a professional to be entrusted to a certain task. Screening ensures that the selected person qualifies for a certain task in all ways. This include evaluating even the level of field experience, effort to enhance personal and professional growth in the field, and ability to handle complex tasks in the area of operation based on the previous exposure. It is therefore very important in defining the kind of output an organization is likely to make in the future, based on the alignment between individual qualification and the job requirements (Jetter, 2016).

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