Is It Important That Every Person Legally Allowed To Vote To Vote?

To Vote or not to Vote

Voting is American liberty right that is given to every person who is of the right age. This right was acquired by minority races and women in US after a very long struggle which involved bloodshed. This shows how important it is to exercise this right. Voting should be done by every person who is of the right legal age. This is because every person is affected by the elected government whether one votes or not. Thus, voting is a matter that directly affect the life of every person in a country, including those who did not vote because they are of minority age.  Therefore, it is good for those who are allowed to vote to make an effort to bring in a government that one trust.

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Voting is not very complex; it involves registering as a voter in a region, and walking into that region with the national identity card and cast your vote. However, although voting is generally easy, the voting requirements instilled by the government sometimes they make it hard for everyone to vote. For instance, voting is restricted to the regions where one registered as a voter. Thus, if one is in a mission in a different state that person will not vote since, voting is not allowed anywhere else. This mostly affects young people who are always in transit. In addition, voting is done on a week day and people normally have a number of responsibilities to accomplish. This makes it hard to set aside sometime to queue and cast a vote. Some companies also deny their workers enough time to queue and cast their vote. Young people are also disinterested in voting since politics do not influence their life a great deal.

One can participate in politics by using social media, blogs or any other form of communication to give an opinion. One can also take part in a campaign for a particular contestant or party. Others include protesting against a political decision or act, donating money to enhance political campaign, or running for an office. I only participate in campaigning for the senator in our state. I did this by being part of his campaign team, wearing t-shirts with his picture and symbol, distributing flyers and facilitating public rallies.

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