Impressions of Nursing Informatics After Weekly Readings

Nursing informatics is a growing field and has played a very major part in helping nurses deal with their day to day duties. This enables the patient’s information and history to be stored in a system known as the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Without informatics, the patients will not have sharable, retrievable and comparable data thus making it hard for the nurses particularly to operate efficiently.

My own impression of nursing informatics or medical or generic informatics was basically dealing with the storage of data in computer form. The patient’s data would be stored in the computer database for future reference and easy retrieval. After finishing the readings and the lessons, my impression of nursing informatics changed a greater deal. I had previously viewed nursing informatics as being only a means of storing electronic data and nothing more but after the readings, I came to the realization that nursing informatics performs a lot more than storage of patients’ data. It also supports the nurses, consumers, the patients and other service providers as well in decision making in all the roles they undertake. This enables it to improve the health of the communities and the entire populationthroughthe optimization of communication and information management (American Nurses Association, 2008).

My change in impression came about when I realized how important nursing informatics is in the nursing profession. This helps in the maintenance of accurate and complete data that is documented. My shift in impression also came once I realized that this system provides a platform for research easily through data mining and analysis of the clinical data(Robin, & Susan, 2015). Much more than I had previously thought, the efficiency in data storage is very beneficial in creating a healthy relationship between the patients and their health care providers and also provides an easy access to educational and training materials to the nurses as well as other health care providers(Robin, & Susan, 2015).

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