Improving Staff Incentives in the Aviation Industry

In the aviation industry, employees get diverse incentives from their employers. The incentives include flexible working hours, recognition notes, fun activities, days off, and monetary incentives. Not every employee incentive is effective in motivating staff in the industry as well as in other industries. Even then, every employee incentive program can have its effectiveness enhanced in various ways.

First, the effectiveness of the incentives can be enhanced by having aviation companies delink them from their financial years. That makes their employees often lose their focus on the set targets. For instance, salespeople working for the companies have the sales, hence the attendant commissions, they make changing seasonally. Offering them the commissions at sale times keeps them persistently focused on them and the set targets (Volinski 22-33).

Second, the effectiveness of the incentives can be enhanced by ensuring that they are not hinged on, or driven by, solitary measures like profit or revenue. Rather they should be linked to multiple metrics covering every area relevant to staff and company success. If aviation companies group and diversify such metrics, they draw considerable strengths from them. Third, the companies should seek to reward not only employee success but also employee effort. Even when employees fail to meet set targets, they should be incentivized for the attendant ideas and efforts.

There are diverse challenges associated with presenting employees with incentives in the aviation industry. First, some employees find the incentives offered to them too little and possibly annoying, hence making them demotivated (Eisenstein 79-84). The companies can deal with that challenge by ensuring that the incentives they offer to the employees are informed by the views gathered from the employees or their representatives. Second, as employee scramble for given incentives, their relationships with each other may get hurt. To solve the challenge, the companies should ensure that their staff incentive programs do not give room to unhealthy competitions among employees. Employees should not be compelled to compete for any incentive.

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