Improving Telephone Use Quality in an Organization

An organization needs to have quality telephone conversation that can actually help in enhancing communication effectiveness in the organization. Before receiving or picking a call, one should be able to take a deep breath. This is to avoid creating perception of sounding tired when answering a call. The main goal is to sound like one is really loving their job and that one is happy and glad the caller called (Barker, 2010).

When picking up a call one needs to identify themselves with the organization by giving their full name, function and the name of the company. The quality of telephone in an organization is measured with the sincerity of the employees to the clients. It is essential to put the customer’s needs into consideration before theirs.

It is only important to be attentive when picking and talking on phone because clients or customers do not like to be ignored(Farrell, 2013). Communication is a two way, one talks and the other responds. If you can’t hear clearly then it is advisable to take notes on the important points in the conversation.

Being the authority in the organization, I would come up with a monitoring recording of the telephone quality in the organization in order to allow corrections and improvement on the same and uphold the good work if need be. I would also develop a customer care training that will enable the employees learn their telephone skills which will actually help in the telephone quality improvement in the organization. It is actually necessary to appreciate the greeting callers who take their humble time and resources to call the organizationsand informthem about the products and services we offer in the organization.

Some of the key phrases that employees are encourage to use in an organizations are; thank you, how can I help you, your welcome, kindly, please, I am at your service. The commanding and demanding phrase will be forbid in the organization because it does not show any level of courtesy and respect.

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