Marketing Cultures Explained

Risk averse culture

This marketing culture involves organizations that only tend to be innovative and creative when forced. Generally this culture has a command and control personality on their products and services where they often operate on a highly regulated industries. This is because they feel threatened by working towards conservative marketing programs that are very effective and safe(Hoyer, MacInnis & Pieters,2013).

Pragmatists’ culture

Since pragmatic culture is driven by consensus, it tend  to be slower in reaction to change in the market, thus making it be under siege by the newer,faster, smaller competitors. This cultures makes them believe that they are customer focused and that they have funding in place for the marketing innovation.

Experimenter culture

This culture involves the speedy innovators who typically do not have any long term strategy of the product. Experimenters tend create rapid marketing innovations as point solutions but do not build long term marketing culture(Samli, 2011).Actually they actively set aside a larger than average budge for the innovation culture programs.

Customer obsessed cultures

Customer obsessed marketing culture allow organizations to be successful and rarest by enabling them to be flexible innovative in order to achieve audacious goals(Woodside, Sheth, & Bennett, 2012). These organizations are generally immersed in the needs and wants of the customer base where they actually build an accelerating innovation culture that allows them to be disruptors in the market.

Pragmatic, experimenter and customer obsessed marketing cultures would work best for the personal care product. This is because it enables the organization to create a fast moving cultures of innovation to the product market.

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