Individuals With Adjustment Issues

Summary of the articles

The first article dwells on the service of an army officer in Afghanistan who when he came back changed completely according to his wife (After Afghanistan, 2015). The wife noticed peculiar behaviors in her husband like staying isolated most of the time, constant headaches, and paranoia. He did do not seem excited to be a parent and usually talked about going away to another place where his family or other people would not be able to find him. Brian Oronil isolated himself from society but still stayed with his family until one day he abandoned them and went away to date. Serving in Afghanistan changed his whole persona, and he was not the person his wife knew. The wife had to change the way she lived because he behaved differently and his behavior was not comely to his wife and children. He disappeared without even telling his family where he was; the wife has tried much to look for him through all these years, and she has not given up on him.

The second article dwells on the kidnapping of two parents who did not know where their child was and thought that he was in the car that the kidnappers were driving them away within the trunk (In a tight spot, 2015). The kidnappers eventually took their ATMs and other monies that they went to withdraw after threatening the family with dire consequences should the pins be wrong. The father and mother of the child worried about their child greatly and had it not been for information that their child was safe and sound at home matters would have risen out of hand.

Major Adjustment Issues

In the army, there are many stressors that affect army men, and that contribute to their character change. One comes back having many things that he or she had not evidenced before. Some of the stressors are seeing their friends die or get injured badly, being targeted by the enemies in those combat zones, looking at dead bodies in the conflict zones and seeing people whom they know die or get seriously injured (Griffith, 2012a). All the above issues happen quickly especially in areas that have high insecurity, and thus some of the people cannot take all that in and end up being psychologically affected. We Orolin showing abnormal behavior when he comes home to his wife. The wife expected him to be joyous and happy at their having the children and getting back together. Orolin is not happy since the many situation and stressors explained above may have happened to him. He might have killed a person or seen another being killed especially somebody he knew on the battlefield.

In the second article, we see a kidnapping taking place where the parents are put in the trunk of their car. They are attacked and point black as they prepare to enter their home. The major problem is their child whom they do not know where he is. The thoughts are brought to a higher intensity when they discover that their child is not in the car. Another stressor is that most if not all their money was going to be withdrawn by the thieves, but that did bother them as much as not knowing where their child was (Cole & DeJong, 2015). Such stressors would have been heightened had they not been told of their child being at home.

Evidence-Based Practices

There are various practices that need to be done or performed on the people in the army especially those who have a firsthand experience of the happenings in the battlefield and conflict zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. The army should be passed through the various session like talk therapies where they speak out what they are feeling. The wife of Orolin, in this case, cannot know and help him to go through the various abnormal situations that he faces. Talk therapy can be conducted with similar army men and army therapists who understand the situations in the conflict zones (Griffith, 2012). Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an important part of the mental healing process for the army men in the first article.

Various psychological sessions are undertaken among the army men to help them come back to normalcy and deal with the various situations that they have faced and that are affecting them mentally. The therapy will help the person to deal with negative thoughts and feelings that arise frequently. The therapist assists the person to change the negative thoughts into thoughts that are beneficial to him, and that would help him to heal. Another evidenced based practice is being involved in therapy that is long term. The therapy helps one to ponder positively over his feelings and thoughts over a stipulated period (Griffith, 2012b). Joining self-help groups will also help one to heal both mentally and physically as some army men are usually affected physically especially due to injuries. Orolin was very anxious when he came from the war and isolated himself since he did not want anybody around especially outsiders. The use of medicine can be employed alongside therapy to help such a person to have a good sleep and reduce his anxiousness by providing a relaxing environment.

For the wife of Orolin, the talk therapy would be important to ensure that she understands what her husband was passing through and why he might have left without telling her. She may, therefore, find solace in sharing her story and listening to other women who have passed through the same predicament. Such talks will encourage her to fight on and engage in helping others to find peace in the turmoil happening around them. Being left by a husband is also a traumatic experience for the wife. The army should, therefore, put more efforts in preparing the families of the soldiers for any eventualities as some of them may come home or fail to come home due to death on the battlefield.

The second article there is a kidnapping that takes place. The victims showed that they had not had such an experience before. It is therefore of great important to have talk therapies since most kidnapping situations may end up with disastrous results from the family. Some practices to note may be the sharing of the feelings and thoughts in such situations and encouraging optimism among the victims. The police can take such victims through sessions with similar victims (Lynch, 2014). The police can promote awareness on the various kidnappings and to ensure that the family members understand more about kidnappings and how to get through the feelings of trauma and fear. Such fear can come about especially when the thieves are not caught after a long period.


Prevention is better than cure and therefore evidenced practices should be employed early to prevent any negative consequences from occurring. People pass through which need different treatment to alleviate a certain situation that usually affects the mental health of a person various situations and scenarios.

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