Evolution Of Teaching Profession In American History

During the colonial era of the American history, and during mid-nineteenth century, majority of teachers in America were young white men. However, there were few women teacher, but were women from cities who only taught alphabet to small children. The community leader believed that women did not have what it took to an efficient school. Moreover, the female who taught only did that so as adolescent and male taught up to the age of 25.

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During this era school keeping was viewed as temporary work. Teaching was a transient work since men would teach as they prepare for other profession and women as they wait to establish their families. However, this did not last long because after the mid-nineteenth century the teaching social composition changed basically, though in a way that resisted the issues it had in colonial era. In 1840’s child rearing experienced a considerable change which encouraged view of children as competent. The change challenged the form of education forcing teachers to style educational environment that could take of children instead controlling them physically.

By 1850’s most of the teachers were female especially teachers of elementary schools, while men dominated the high school. However, this trend of women increasing in teaching continued until the turn of the century when the conditions of teaching started to improve and secondary school became progressively universal. It was at this juncture that men returned to teaching profession.

Turning point in teaching profession took place in 1954 when the U.S. Supreme court ruled that separate but equal schools were intrinsically not same and ordered the incorporation of public schools in all United States. Improved living standard forced improvement of teaching methods to contain the educational requirements of a changing society.

Improved living standard and technology has continuously advanced teaching from manual to television and computer age. Additionally, teaching increasingly expanded to vocational and adult education making teachers to focus on getting student ready for careers.

The speed at which the technology is increasing, the teaching profession just as the speedy growth in female teachers during the nineteenth century is continuously improving. The profession has become more and more disposed to tighter managerial control. Moreover, the image of teaching as desperately, custodial, non-intellectual job has continuously been diminished making teaching career an attractive job.

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However, it is clear that teaching profession is growing very fast particularly in rural areas and inner city, and is anticipated to continue to grow for several years. Although, there are some issues that still obstruct growth of teaching profession, the schools are still overcrowded. However, the society has embraced teaching as a good career.

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