Interagency Relationships In Homeland Security

The relationship between interagency is crucial when securing the safety of one of the prominent person in the world considering the imminent terrorism attacks in different regions of the world. In this case, the collaboration among various interagency with shared responsibilities and overlapping jurisdictions is not a new phenomenon in the United States of America(Hagen, 2006). The interagency relationship in homeland security needs to have both formal and informal willingness to cooperate and coordinate at all levels of government. The coordination and collaboration is anchored in disaster readiness and response plan.

The agencies that should be invited to the meeting are those directly or indirectly contributes to the safety of the president and the people attending the function. They include the law enforcers such as police, FBI, Secret Service and CIA; emergency services such as fire department and ambulatory services; public health and the private industry on the local level(Kaiser, 2011). These agencies participate in the local, states and federal levels. At the local level, the law enforcers on the ground should be actively involved in the planning because they understand local problems.

The interagency relationship in terms of cooperation and coordination may sometime be problematic because of lack trust between the agencies, competition over resources, the issues of seniority and resistance from the locally elected leaders. However, in this case agency needs to understand their roles and ensure quality participation in ensuring that the safety of the president is at top notch with no security breaches and compromise(Hagen, 2006). In order to enhance communication between the agencies, Delphi method will be used. This method promotes effective communication among groups and individuals in dealing with a complex situation. The commander of the incident will be elected by the interagency groups in order for him/her to receive support from all the agencies. The decisions would be made democratically in order to ensure quality participations.

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