The Internet Makes People More Social – Argumentative Essay

A common misconception among many individuals in this new age of technological advancement is that the internet has made people’s lives social and personal. Proponents of this notion push the narrative that the internet continues to be more immersive, turning many into anti-social gazers who show more interest in a virtual world as opposed to the real world that surrounds them.  Another opinion put forth by critics of the internet’s permeation into people’s social and personal lives is that streams of information entrance people, leading to shut out the sensory underload that is found in everyday life. The internet, however, does not stunt peoples social and personal lives but does the exact opposite! The purpose of essay is to dispel this mistaken belief and shed light on the positive effects the internet has on people’s social and personal lives.

To start with, the internet can be lauded for improving and increasing interpersonal relationships. The introduction of social media platforms such as the messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter brought the social circles of individual’s within closer reach. It has become much easier to converse with your friends, family or local community outreach group using technology which the internet powers. According to a case study carried out by Susan Bastani of Alzahar University in Tehran, Iran, internet usage was directly responsible for an increase in social contacts among the respondents in the study. The social groups in the study included people with similar education level, interests, religion, relatives, friends and hobbies. Results obtained indicate that the internet has an overall positive effect on expanding the social relationships that exist among the Iranians in the study (Bastani 298).


The social aspect of internet use is more serious than critics can ever imagine. The development and improvement of technology has been responsible for helping people live fulfilling lives by meeting new people and communicating in a quicker manner (Graham). It is a common perception that printed words are more interesting and fulfilling to readers than conversing online with complete strangers. For most individuals who find themselves is a situation that can only be termed as forcibly ‘social’ ( like waiting for a mode of mass transportation) having a smartphone to ‘disappear’ into is a plus, rather than a sign of societal collapse. Using the internet, people have been able to communicate faster with individual’s miles away from them with the messages being received almost instantaneously. The speed at which these messages are transmitted makes internet an efficient way of sending urgent news or information.

The perks that come with technological advancement and internet use spill over into the social realm of peoples personal lives. Acknowledging the positive benefits of internet use to our social and personal lives is the first steps in improving interactions between people. Humans are social beings and the internet can be utilized as a conduit that aids social interactions.

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