Argumentative essay topics

There is a big number of Argumentative essay topics to write on? Below are some of the best topics that you can work on for your argumentative essay assignment.

  1.    Malls have improved the way we shop
  2.    Animals in the zoo. Is it fair to keep them in cages?
  3.    Should cars be prohibited in the centers of large cities?
  4.    It is better to learn a foreign language in a country where it is a native language.
  5.    It is good to learn 2-3 foreign languages for children
  6.    Books and computers. Who will win in future?
  7.    Computer games. A benefit or waste of time?
  8.    Pros and cons of space research
  9.    Science experiments quickly reduce our current life.
  10.   Military service should be mandatory
  11.   Television is creating a new variant of culture
  12.   The senior classes should be profiled
  13.   Education for boys and girls should be separate
  14.   Many people think the best way to travel is by car
  15.   Activity is the only way to knowledge
  16.   Conflict of generations is inevitable
  17.   The importance of education is underestimated now.
  18.   Work can’t bring pleasure, it is just a way to earn your living
  19.   We are responsible for the lives of others
  20.   Nuclear weapons have made the world a more dangerous place
  21.   Money can buy happiness.
  22.   Worries about money are a cause of unhappiness.
  23.   The best things in life are free.
  24.   Nowadays teenagers’ behavior is shaped more by their peers than by their parents.
  25.   It is better to grow up in a family with lots of brothers and sisters.
  26.   The Internet has made our life a lot easier.
  27.   Shopping online is not safe or secure.
  28.   Computers will soon be more intelligent than people.
  29.   It is not possible to make a real friend online. True friendship needs face-to-face contact.
  30.   Chat rooms are a danger for teenagers. Adults should monitor the conversations.
  31.   In future, traditional meals will be replaced by synthetic food pills.
  32.   People used to think that family played an important role in society, but times have changed and now the family is much less important
  33.   Post offices should close. In the age of the Internet, they are no longer necessary
  34.   Should a student begin a career or enter university at 18?
  35.   Sports should only be an optional discipline at school as not all students are equally good at sports


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