Controversial Issues in Children’s Literature

Choose a controversial issue and/or text within children’s literature that you would like to research and defend.   Consider the scenario that you plan to teach this text or issue to your future students but there has been a complaint about your choice.  The result of that complaint is that you must defend your chosen text to the school board and parents.  Because you will want to be more than prepared to argue your case before a panel of concerned parents and administrators, you must be an expert on the matter.  That expertise only comes from research and writing.

For this project, you need to:

  1. write a research proposal providing the topic of your research;
  2. create an annotated bibliography of at least four different sources (both primary and secondary); and
  3. write a researched argument defending  your topic that includes both primary research (ie: examples from the texts you are writing about) and secondary research (ie: analysis or arguments that you can develop, that support your claim or that challenge your research).

This project is meant to give you an opportunity for in-depth study of a particular issue of interest to you within children’s literature.

For this assignment:

  • You will need to do some research before you write your proposal. The proposal should be a paragraph where you describe the topic/focus of your research.
  • Make sure you have access to the sources you’ll need BEFORE you create the proposal. Also, it will help you streamline your research if you have a specific direction in mind.
  • Research thoroughly. Educate yourself on this topic.
  • Brainstorming can help you focus and execute your research. Your mini-portfolio for this project should include both research and brainstorming activities (free writes, etc.).
  • Remember to use the databases from our library.
  • As you research, focus on a thesis statement that will guide your writing. Choose something that interests you and you will have a better writing experience and result.
  • Imagine your audience to be well educated concerned parents and colleagues who want to broaden their knowledge in order to make a responsible decision.
  • Think about imaginative ways to introduce and develop your topic.
  • MLA Format is required.

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