Issues Spanning The Justice System – The Body Armor

The most important technological equipment that is most important is that which directly protect an officer from the immediate danger. At the top of my list, I will go for the one that leads to immediate police safety; The Body Armor. Body armors are the pieces of equipment that are based on precise scientific knowledge and meet grid National Institute of Justice standards of protection. Body armors protect the law enforcement officers from the unnecessary and needless injuries, disabilities and death. Body armors have reportedly increased the protection of the officers from different ranges of criminal and accidental hazards.

Evidently, there has been a dramatic decline in death by gun fire in the history of the US law enforcement officers despite the increasing number of guns sold. The decline in the gunfire deaths has been found to coincide with the increase in the wearing of the body armor. The officers must therefore be accessible to body armors that are appropriate and relevant to the threat aversion. The body armors should be ballistic resistance capable of protecting the officers against gun fires.  The body armors should therefore provide protection that is consistence the threats the officers are exposed to.

The body armors should also provide comfort to the wearer.   Statistics on Body armor value is compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Documentations by IACP/DuPont Kevlar Survivor’s club show more than 3,126 incidences where body armor protection had been witnessed. If I had to forego two items in my wish list, I will consider leaving out biometric software and tin-car camera systems. They do not lead to the immediate officers’ lives protection. Life is always a factor of concern when choosing on the police safety technology

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