Relationship Between Psychological And Sociological Theory

A theory refers to statement of ideas which tries to explain the existence of a certain phenomena, mostly they explain origin of a subject matter, and normally they answer the question ‘why’.  Psychology is the study of mental processes of a human being. Psychologists immensely depend on theories in explain the child development and how it influences the behavior in future (Thelen, 2006), a scenario where James became secracy to his mother about the burglary activities which later led to his arrest. It further explains the development of un-required behavior and also mental disorders within the family institutions that might be forwarded to the coming generation. The kind   of abuse that existed in the family too contributed to delinquent behavior of the boy, this results from poor  morals from the parents by not advising boy on expected behavior. Psychological theories give a sense of observation by giving a construct explanation of human journey from infancy via childhood to adulthood. Psychologists believes that the kind of the environment t a child is brought up has a greater influence on the behavior for instance, a child brought up in a high crime rate areas end up behaving violently or aggressively, sociologist too try to understand the socializations among the members of the society and how their relations is connected to the larger culture. If both parents would agree on solving their issues harmoniously, the boy would too approach them on guidance to  how avoid social groups with immoral acts. This culture would help a greater extend

Development psychologist have their views on scientific point in that evidence show that boys In broken homes were adversely affected in a negative way in scenario where they lack fatherly upbringing, the act of his father totally ignoring his son in the expense of his son lacking worthwhile advises from the father. The psychological theory   reveals the low aggression and poor sex development . consequently in life each and very individual experiences diverse socialization and in some cases they experience variety of  failures  and setbacks, an individual regulation promotes cherished abilities in pursuit of larger goals ahead. If  there is failure to tackle such threats during socialization, it interprets to undermining one s energy, this signifies for  defensive and passive behavior . Sociologists  believe that people learn from one another through observation, an d analyzing the outcomes those learnt behavior ,here james acquired the behavior from his social group, social learning theory gives a  continuous interaction between the behavioral ,cognitive and environmental factors which reinforces the behavior ,for effective reciprocal of the leant behavior one has to pay attention the observed behavior ,retention is the ability to recall the observed behavior and later reproduction is putting into action the already observed behavior (Westen, Gabbard, and Ortigo, 2008).

Typically, sociological theories tend to deal with the existing institutions within the society like the school, church and the family ,they often relate how they regulate the behaviors of individuals in the society, According to Watson(1920), failure of one institution lead to dysfunction of the entire system thus create s social  disintegration .James’s family was in total mess even affected the child behavior.

With regard to this theories, psychologists and sociologists are concerned with   material  culture and symbolic interaction between individuals, they also try to understand the diverse human ways of thinking. This theories of learning has numerous prediction of the future as it helps foresee variety of behaviors, because James’s  father was brought in emotionally and abusive family ,he too replicated by fighting his wife. in this case they provide a framework of understanding human behavior.

These theories serve a number of important purposes. it  enable the scholars to understand the dynamic changes in an  individual  behavior, it also forms a basis of scientific research for the upcoming scholars, in most cases, sociologists prefer confirming rather  than believing from other researchers, they like explaining  episodes from its  occurrence, In this context, the psychologist rely on theories in giving explanations that leads to solution.

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