Journal Entry Prompts – Interpersonal Relationships


Journal Entry Prompts – Describe your interpersonal relationships focusing on your best and worst relationships.Most importantly, your journal responses to the prompts must involve self-awareness, critical personal reflection, and life application.

Sample Answer

Public Relationship

I am one of those people who treasure relationships. I always respect those that I meet for the first time without discrimination. This gives me enough time to study people’s character, personality and behaviors, and to decide what level of association I should have with each one of them. Some qualify as good friends while others are slowly cut off in my life. Though the normal human relation remains, I do not share my life with those whose character does not match my definition of a good character. To me they cannot give good company and thus, they may act as a bad influence in my life. Although I do not tell them this directly on their face, I apply my effort to limit my association with them until the relation fades away. I also eliminate good friends who I realize are hypocrites. This normally happens when a good friend that I trusted breaks my trust. I have never been able to restore broken trust. Though this may be too harsh, I always do it to avoid suffering the same fate for a second time.

One of my greatest virtue is that I can help anyone who really needs help despite of whether I know the person or not or whether we shall meet again or not. I always feel others pain especially when I have the ability to help. However, when I am not in a position to help, I ensure that I say a prayer on behave of that person, hoping that God will send a person who can help. This may also serve as a weakness since I am always burdened by problems of others even those who do not deserve my sympathy.


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