LAN, WAN, and MAN And Their Components

LAN refers to the connection of computers and other network devices limited in a building or an office. LAN is normally a high speed connection . WAN is a network that involves the connection of a number of LAN or Man to allow communication in a wider region. WAN is not geographically limited and the connection can vary from states to country to the entire world. MAM is a larger network which normally spans a number of buildings in the same town or city.

The components found in LAN include computers, cables, cable connectors, switches, or hubs, and servers.  Cables servers as a network medium to link one device to another. Cable connectors are used to terminate cables to allow them to fit in their defined ports in other network devices. Switches and hubs assist to enhance the network topology hubs repeats the single and allow the connection while switch helps in directing packets to their destination. Server is a more powerful computer that runs both some software instance capable of taking clients request.

Components in MAN include routers that help to direct packets from other LAN and radio link to allow the connection of two LANs together in case of wireless Man or Cables such as optic cables in case of Cabled MAN. It also has a bridge that assist in connecting two different LANs to form a MAN. Other components include similar components in LAN.

Components in WAN include devices in LAN and MAN . Others would include Firewall which is used to regulate the packets to get into and out of a WAN network, Modems that permits digital data to be transmitted over an analogue medium while receiving and transmitting information.

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