System Software Definitions and Examples

List and define the types of System Software and include an example of at least two.  How does System Software differ from Applications Software?

System software is software structured to control and operate the computer hardware and to offer a platform for executing application software. They are two types of system software that include the operating systems and the utility software. Utility software are software that are used to maintain, optimize, configure, and analyze the computer for instance antiviruses, it can also include development software such as debugger, linker or compilers. Operating systems include windows, UNIX, Linux, and iOS. The difference between the system software and application software is that system software runs at the most primary level of the computer and they provide a setting to execute application software. System software controls both the computer as well as the application software installed in a computer. They normally act as a platform for application installation.Application software cannot work without a system software while they system software can work independent of application software.

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