Leadership in Business – Are Leaders Born or Made?

Leadership is perceived differently by different people. Some believe that leaders are born while others believe that they are made. Born leaders are said to naturally have charisma and natural intelligence which inspires followers to work as a team. Made leaders are said be nurtured through training, mentoring, experience and practice to the required leadership skills. The two classes of theory are regarded correct by researchers. This is because the statistics has established that one-third of all leaders have got inborn leadership traits, however, the remaining two-third of leaders are made (Forbes, 2015). In my opinion, leaders are made and thus, anybody with a good learning ability can manage to be a leader. This is because, most organization considers individual professional and academic qualification to offer them leadership position in any organization. In addition, organization normally enhances leadership skills through workshops and leaders training. Although there are a number of leadership characteristics that are in born, all leaders require a certain level of training to be effective and successful in their work. In this regard, the greatest percentage of the leadership traits are made and thus, it can be generalized that leaders are made and not born.

The evidence and capacity of my leadership can be found in my curriculum vitae and achievement certificates from different institutions that have nurtured my leadership development. According to my curriculum vitae, I have a bachelor degree in business administration, accounting specialization and thus I have enough knowledge on business financial management. I also have an associate degree in business management. This implies that I have all the knowledge required to manage any business and more to handle the finances of any business. The knowledge that I have in the two course have nurtured my ability to be a leader and a manager. I have also worked for a period of 11 years as a manager in real estate management in this regard, I have learnt a lot of things during my 11 years as an officer in different real estates. I have managed to solve a number of problems both simple and complex. I have done my mistakes and learnt from them. Thus, my ability as a leader has been nurtured for quite a long time while working in different positions in the corporate world. I am currently working as a manager since 2013. Thus, I have enough management knowledge and skill attained through training and exposure and thus, it is right to say that I have been made a leader through training and exposure.

Education and exposure has played a great part in molding me as a manager and a leader. In this regard I still intend to expand my leadership and management further by furthering my studies. I intend to take my master degree in business management. The main intention is to acquire extensive knowledge in management and business leadership to be able to handle more complex responsibilities in organization. A leader is able to influence the followers in the right manner to acquire the anticipated or the desired results. In this regard, I will need enough skills to handle all kind of personalities and to influence all subordinates to work and act accordingly.  Thus, advancement in my academic even to a doctorate degree will be necessary to enhance my ability as a leader and a manager.

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