Leadership Model adapted from Montgomery, Copley, and Associates (1996) – Answered

Review the Leadership Model adapted from Montgomery, Copley, and Associates (1996). Using this model as a framework, select any Northouse (2010) case study that has not been assigned as a Critical Thinking Activity and offer the model as a potential solution for the issue(s) outlined in the case. Then select a thematically similar personal or professional situation that you have experienced and, again, use the model to provide perspective on how you did or could have applied the bull’s-eye rings to assist in navigating through the issue. Be sure to pull in a culmination of applicable theory discussed this semester as you work through the leadership model. APA documentation is required in this 4 – 5 page paper.


The Heart of Leadership

Susan Parks is has partial ownership of an athletic equipment store, Marathon Sports. The store has about 10 employees most of whom are college students. They work part-time during weekdays and full-time on weekends. Susan Parks is highly dedicated to the store. She works for 50 hours a week. Her dedication has enabled the store to experience steady growth. She allocates all employees their tasks and goals. This makes the employees be fully occupied. However, her leadership style elicits mixed reviews from employees. Employees who like her work claim that she is very efficient and organized. On the other hand, employees who do not like her work claim that she is too driven. They claim that working in the store is not fun since Susan is highly dedicated to her work and rarely socializes with employees. Therefore, it is vital for Susan to change her leadership style to improve employee satisfaction. This would help in improving their productivity, which would ultimately improve growth and profitability of the store (Northouse, 2010).

Use of the leadership model adapted from Montgomery, Copley and Associates would help in improving Susan’s leadership style. Susan should ensure that she has mentoring relationships with her employees. It is a fact that certain students would like to open their store. Having mentoring relationships would enable them understand and appreciate the issues that investors face on a daily basis in their quest to improve the competitiveness of their business. In addition, it would necessitate Susan to socialize with her employees. This would help in improving the work environment (Palestini, 2009).

Susan should facilitate the professional development of her employees. Working in the store enables them to learn first-hand the issues that sales people have to deal with while undertaking their activities. Susan should also encourage the personal development of the employees by providing various programs to the employees. Susan sets goals and tasks of her employees. However, she should encourage them to set their own goals to improve their sense of ownership of the store. Alternatively, she may consult the employees when setting the goals and tasks. Employees may have various insights that would help in improving the efficiency of the company (Northouse, 2010).

Susan has extensive knowledge of the operations of the store since she works on various locations within the store. She should share this knowledge with her employees. This would enable the employees determine various flaws in their activities, which would ultimately improve their efficiency. Discipline is a critical component of leadership. Susan is highly disciplined. He works for 50 hours a week in various locations within the store. Having intricate knowledge of the store enables her to set the goals and tasks of her employees (Northouse, 2010).

Wisdom enables leaders to make the right decisions when faced with various issues. Despite the fact that Susan is highly dedicated to the store, she lacks the wisdom to know that her uptight nature is affecting the motivation of her employees. She cannot determine the factors that would help in motivating her employees. Therefore, it is vital for her to stop being uptight and start socializing with her employees. This would make the employees feel that they are critical to the success of the store. Her uptight nature may also be the factor that makes her face problems in being a good spouse and mother.

Marathon Sports has been experiencing steady growth. This may make Susan become complacent. However, trouble is brewing within the company as some employees are not satisfied with her leadership style. This necessitates her to have the courage to change various aspects of her leadership style. Doing so would make Marathon Sports experience unprecedented growth.

I previously worked in a company where the manager rarely socialized with employees. He only issued out instructions on what should be done. Whenever employees failed to accomplish the task according to the manager’s expectations, the manager would scold the employees. He did not offer constructive criticism on how the employees would have improved various aspects of their performance. This made employees fear him so much. This attitude made the manager fail to discover various issues that affected the efficiency of the company as the employees were unwilling to approach him.

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