Lecture by Rafael Rozendaal

The first lecture was by Rafael Rozendaal, a Dutch-Brazilian visual artist. He conducted his lecture from New York City where he is currently working and living. According to Rozendaal, moving and generative art should exist online; this is why he has made it his life’s work to research the screen’s pictorial space together with reverse engineering the perception of reality to condensed bits in a visual space between animated paintings and cartoons. An important point that he put across was his sole goal of creating installations that would involve moving reflections and light, transforming online works into spatial experiences. Rozendaal was also vocal on what it means to look at an image and what it means to depict it. His opinion on art is that it is restrictive as it is often depicted by a middleman (mostly art galleries), prompting him to create an online space to depict his art (the browser is not dependant on any middleman). As the founder of Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), Rozendaal is quite particular regarding the concept of open source exhibition. His advice to young visual artists was that they could a media art exhibition without a budget. The secret lay in finding a space, inviting many artists and asking them to bring their projectors. Such a concept would ostensibly bring the existence of the internet to a physical space in real life while at the same time allowing the viewers to take a stroll through the internet. Rozendaal underscores the importance of using the internet as a visual artist’s canvas and spreading their works in the form of websites, writings, installations, drawings and lectures to attract lovers of this form of art. Spontaneity is the name of the game, and Rozendaal is an expert at it, creating a host of captivating websites that contain simple shapes in the form of striking colors that bend, move and twist in ways that seem to always change. During the end of his lecture, he categorically stated that it was more interesting for a visual artist to treat a particular medium as a concrete medium in its purest form and not only as mediums for documentation. Visual artists are urged to create works that stimulate perception without the viewer having to think too much; simply staring at a piece and admitting that it is remarkable without having to explain why.

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