Liberty Counsel Analysis

Liberty counsel is a non-profit international policy, education, and litigation organization, which is dedicated to expanding family, holiness of life, and religious freedom since 1989. This is achieved by offering pro bono representation and assistance on these and associated topics. This group impacts culture by preserving cultural values in the religion, life and family. It uses its litigation power to ensure that what has always been considered right, in family, life and religious matter has been preserved by the society and respected by the state (Liberty Counsel, 2015).  The group protects religious value by maintain the religious laws and teachings regarding various immorality. For instance, the group is in the front line in fighting against allowing gay marriages and gay bishops or lesbianism in the church. The leaders of the group disagree with the state for permitting such immoralities in the society, and also condemn churches that seem to embrace or support such kind of immoralities.

By opposing gay marriage and such related unions, the group works to preserve family values. According to the religious values, family is made of a man and a woman coming together to live as one being. This is the only union that God bless with a child or children. In this regard, any other union is regarded as wrong and as a part of what destroys the family values.  They challenge the state over allowing such unions to adopt children for they are unlikely to teach what is moral and right to these children. By forbidding discrimination based on sexuality, the state acts as a tool to destroy family values, to denounce the holiness of life and kill the religious values in the society. The group therefore tries to fight the formation of laws that will degrade the religious, family or life values as known, based on our traditions and as defined in the bible. The group always advocates for disobeying unjust laws which are made to accommodate the ills in the society.

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Liberty counsel also fights against abortion and its legalization. The group believes in the holiness of life and to them, life is holy irrespective of whether planned or unplanned. According to their values, God is the giver of life and no one has a right against any body’s life. Therefore, the group fights against capital punishments and legalization of abortion. However, the group does not support crimes and immorality in the society. The state policies which lower the values of life by choosing death as fate of a criminal go against the holiness of life. The group preaches that it is the state’s duty to correct criminals, but death is never considered as a form of correction but a destructive way of eliminating crimes. In this regard, the group has highly embraced culture. It uses all its power and resources to fight against state and society changes that degrade values of American religious, life and family culture. Its major strength is its team of advocates who stand with what is culturally and morally right in the court of law. The group owns a radio station where they preach what they believe is of value to the society. Their mission is also supported by conferences, and the use of its website to air its views. Thus, the group has strongly supported and protected the American family, religious and life cultural values.

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