Liberty Counsel – Organizations Impacting Culture

Liberty Counsel  is a non-taxable organization that supports litigation associated to values of evangelical Christians. The organization mission is to restore culture by fighting for the advancement of religious freedom, the holiness of the family and human life (Liberty Counsel, 2018). The organization has its headquarters in Virginia, the District of Columbia and Florida. However, they have attorneys that practices in all courts across the United States. The attorneys offer help in cases which uphold their mission. The organization has been in forefront in fighting uncultured practices especially in marriages that have eventually been upheld by the law.

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Liberty counsel has been highly involved in fighting against legalization of gay marriage, with their clear stand that this kind of marriage should not be allowed since it interfere with family religious and moral values (Liberty Counsel, 2004). The organization has been using its resources to uphold Christians’ value in families and in human life by vigorously fighting what they consider to polarize these values using the country’s legal system. The organization also offers support to any citizens who have a case related to such issues and wishes to stand for traditional cultural values that are well known to respect human life and to uphold the sanctity of family. The main organization strength is its strong network of attorneys across the country and their rich knowledge in the laws of the culture, as well as the traditional cultural values of the people of the United States. The organization is also rooted in religious value and hence it has great support from the people who believe in respecting religious value and honor traditional practices that defined a family and human life.

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