Major National Media Industry Research Paper

Research a major national media industry of your choice (eg. Australian newspapers, French cinema, British television) and write a 2000 word report on your findings. This should offer a snapshot of the key aspects of relevance to the industry, under the headings given below. As there is a limited amount of space, your report should give a picture of how the industry works today in relation to economics, politics and technology (providing historical context where necessary).

It is essential that your report demonstrates thorough and high quality research.

The assignment should include the following sections. Depending on the chosen industry, some sections will be longer than others (e.g., some industries have more extensive regulatory structures than others).

  • Executive summary (this should be an approx. 100 word overview of what you have found out and discussed in the rest of the report – write it last)
  • Regulatory structures and government policies Funding model, main companies that form the industry (incl. global conglomerates or significant government/independent media outlets where relevant)
  • Shifts in industry caused by developing technologies; role of technology in the industry today
  • Projected future of the industry (this is where you should draw together what you have learned to make an argument about where you think the industry is heading and why)

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