Why Management Support Must Be Visible To The Whole Team

Why must management support be visible to the whole team and not just to the project manager?

Visibility- In a project setting refers to the ability of the top management in an organization to have a perspective of the ongoing projects and hence determine how to prioritize their execution.

Management support is important for every project in order for it to be successful. Many projects are started with big goals, and strategies are laid down on how to perform all the activities which result to great achievements. Visibility of management support in an organization leads to appropriate resource allocation due to grassroots innovations since the team members are aware of the significance of the project to the organization (Young & Jordan, 2008). They would demonstrate willingness to experiment and take risks for the sake of the project’s success.

The team members due to familiarization with the project are able to access unique knowledge as they work on something they like due to their passion for it. Distribution of the information increases the percentage to be completed, reduces the actual hours spent on it and also has financial impact (Young & Jordan, 2008). Failure to be there visibility leads to being able to achieve project objectives as there is lack of prioritization in order of importance eventually overworking the team members.

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