Manganese – Shortages of Strategic Minerals and Solution

Manganese is a strategic mineral that is quite important to the United States economy especially in the production of weapon systems for the safeguarding of security among many other important applications especially as alloys in different metals like iron to strengthen them. Manganese is used in most defense materials, and the domestic supplies are not enough to meet the demand in the various industries. At present, no metals have been found that can substitute manganese. Manganese has been found to be a substitute for other metals especially in making of different alloys the United States has a shortage of the material and has to depend on outside countries especially through imports (Fischman, 2015). The United States imports manganese from Brazil, Gabon, France and South Africa. In times of war, it can be difficult to get the required amount of manganese.

Therefore, to deal with the shortage and ensure a constant supply the United States needs to enter into contracts with suppliers. To further help in meeting the increasing demand of manganese there is need to come to recycle manganese from used tin cans alloyed with manganese and from scrap metal. The manganese can further be obtained from batteries. Recycling of scrap metal as mentioned above should be a priority especially the alloys that have manganese in them especially those made of steel or iron. Since substitutes for manganese have not yet been found, it is important to carry out experiments using other metals to find out alternatives that can help in ensuring that in a shortage the country is not put in a desperate situation. The United States should further look at its demand and come up with enough stockpiles that can help keep the economy running without the interference of shortages. It is therefore important for the country to come up with efficient supply chains that ensure a continuous supply of manganese.

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