Is Marijuana a Viable Medical Option?

The use of medical Marijuana and the impact of its legalization in American states has been a source of contention over the years. The key issue I will try to uncover in my research study is whether or not the use of medical Marijuana offers patients more advantages than the already existing options as well as its potential side effects. I will also investigate whether legalizing Marijuana would act as a catalyst to the growth of United States economy.

Currently, Marijuana is among the most prevalentillicit drugs in the United States with numerous arguments in support and against its legalization. Critics have grounded their arguments on Marijuana’s effects on the human body; its contribution to criminal activities; and its effects on the general economy. Scientists have conducted researches to support their side of arguments resulting to a number of similar studies but with opposing results (Grinspoon&Bakalar, 1997). Regardless of the side one supports, most people agree that legalizing Marijuana will have a significant impact on America and its inhabitants. The hypothesis of this study is that the legalization of Marijuana will result to the deterioration of public health. From some of the studies conducted, it is clear that using Marijuana as a medical option has many advantages (Miron, 2005). However, its legalization would have even more disadvantages. This study will cover the advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana as a prescribed drug as well as those of legalizing its use.


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