Personal Goal Paper – Improving My Studies

A goal is an outcome that entails effort to convene. Personal goals are set by individuals to influence the direction of their lives. They are also dreams trying to become reality. Our individual success is directly related to our personal goals. Goal setting is a recognized procedure for personal planning. When you set goals on a regular basis, assists you to know what you want to achieve, and then, little by little, move you towards achieving these goals. Setting goals and targets permits you to decide where you want to go in life. By knowing accurately what you want to accomplish, setting goals will help you know what you will start with. Goal setting is a standard method used by top-level businesses, companies, athletes, and high fliers in all categories. It presents you with a long-term apparition and short-term spur. It centers your attainment of information, and helps you to arrange your resources.

By setting smart clearly defined goals, you can assess and take pleasure in the success of those goals. You can see forward advancement in what might previously been a long futile grind. Goal setting will ensure that your self confidence is raised, as you identify your capability and proficiency in achieving the goals that you have set (McGonigal, 2011).  Achieving your goals and seeing the achievement gives you assurance of being   able to achieve other advanced and harder goals.

What do I think I can do to improve in my studies?

All of us have diverse learning methods. Learning methods regards how each individual ponders, assimilates, and retains new and hard knowledge (Babauta, 2009).  Various factors can therefore influence what, how, when, and where to study. By becoming aware of these factors, I can more easily influence and modify my way of studying. Since, I am the most vital source for improving in my studies, and there is an immense arrangement I can do to plan and carry out my studies well. I need to have a study method   that suits me, and make my studies at the university both successful and enjoyable .Planning is paramount, to improve in my studies. (Weisinger, 2006).  To begin with, I need to create a study timetable, and plainly comprehend what are the goals of the course. The course syllabus can offer me with an outline of the course, illustrate the contents of each unit, and elucidate the expected learning results, when the course is finished. This assists me to center on what is most imperative.

Secondly, I should not suspend my studies, since time wasted can never be recovered. A lot can be achieved by getting started with studying as soon as possible. A quite place can be convenient, as there will be fewer distractions.  Taking notes while I am reading can help me to uphold my concentration. Allocating time to review my  notes and material that I have read and worked with, will assist me in  keeping the attained knowledge in my mind  and learn more easily; not just revising for the exams, but even after the course has completed. Short breaks that are a few minutes can help me concentrate during a longer study session; breaks to stretch and offset tension in my body, a break to soak up the information and allow it to sink in, a break to eat so that both the body and the mind can collect more energy.  Concentration is a skill that can be crafted. A quite place with very few distractions is very vital. In addition, clearing mind from cluttered studies with a warm up exercise so as to get my mind ready to learn. Finding a lively study method similar my learning style is vital, for example, group discussions, by taking notes, making questions and testing myself, and summarizing main ideas.

Motivation is the lashing force in what I do. The more I can be, the more liable I will thrive. Motivation is linked to how significant, my studies are, and how fascinated I am in the subject, and what goals I have with my studies. (Weisinger, 2006).  Inspiration amplifies when I think about the goal of my studying, the course or the assignment I need to do, and I how can virtually relate what I am studying to my future career plans. I am specific regarding the goals I have for my education, certain to form mini goals ready to reward myself when I have achieved them. Finally I am determined to stay focused on the present, correct my mistakes and not regret about them. Ponder on what I have achieved, strive to achieve more and be proud of myself.

Describe the goal as target behaviors.

For us to be successful in life, we need to learn how to manage our behavior. Our behavior is fashioned from various situations that are based on the untold rules and values that govern those situations. We personally implement ways to manage our behavior, ponder on our behavior, and adapt our behavior when we discover we are not acting appropriately.  Self-management is used to teach learners to separate between inappropriate and appropriate behavior, to accurately monitor and record our behavior, so as to reward ourselves when we have behaved appropriately. A target behavior is when we aim at increasing on our goals, my target behavior is to raise my hand and answer questions the teacher asks (Zuckerman, Knee, Kieffer, & Gagne, 2004).  My reinforcement is to get the teachers attention. Hand to get the teacher’s attention, the natural reinforce is obtaining the teacher’s attention. Therefore the strategy that I need to implement   is to practice to raise my hand frequently at different intervals. I have a paper and a pencil that help me record the frequency of intervals I raise my hand.

Choose a means of monitoring your progress, such as a chart or a behavioral diary. 

I have set my target behavior as raising hands five times a day. To e ale to attain my results, I have a small note book, a pencil, and five boxes with a picture demonstrating the target behavior. Once I check off the five boxes, representing that I have raised my hand five times. I will earn a reinforce (Zuckerman, Knee, Kieffer, & Gagne, 2004).  Accurate monitoring of my progress will help me reach my goal. This also will motivate and give me confidence.

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