Meaning Of 0 And 1 As Used In Definition Of Probability

Grand Canyon –  Sym 506 Weekly Discussion

The definition a probability is stated as: A measure of the likelihood that an event in the future will happen; it can only assume a value between 0 and 1, inclusive. Explain the meaning of the 0 and 1.

Probability refers to a mathematics branch which deals with computation of the likelihood or chances that a given event will take place. These chances are expressed as values between 0 and1. 1 in this case refers to situations which have the certainty of happening. This implies that when an occurrence has a probability of 1, that occurrence must happen, come what may.  In this regard, a probability of 1 is an assurance that a certain event will take place without failing. 0 on the other hand is a clear indication that a certain event will not take place. Thus the event is impossible. 1 and 0 are two extreme situations in the probability that cannot happen together. This can be demonstrated by tossing of a coin. There are only two possible chances of either getting a head or a tail. If the chance of getting the head is 1 then the chance of getting the other option (tail) is zero. There are no middle chances of getting a head or a tail. It can either be a head or a tail and nothing else. This demonstrates that events that must happen do not give a chance for any other event to take place. In this regard, one demonstrates a situation where the event must take place while 0 demonstrates the event that will never take place.  1 and 0 cannot be recorded in a situation where two events have a chance of taking place. In this case only one event can take place at a go but not a portion of the two events. The level of certainty given to an event is what determines whether an event will have a probability of 1 or 0.

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