Megan’s Law Of Sex Offenders

Sex offenders refers  to all those  individuals convicted of crimes  like  molestation, rape and  sexual harassment and even pornographic  production. mostly this sex offenders are  in most cases those men who have unstable emotion but they are able to deal with their life activities in a reasonable some point ,they find difficulty in relating to othe r members of the a matter of concern most assailants are  our core workers, friends or relatives most often,the sex offended are the under age  most often  this offenders sometimes  release their stress,frustrations  and  hostilitytotheir victims.
The Megan’s law was  introduced  to outline the procedures through which the public would be informed about issues relating to the sex offenders  and rights and privacy, the response by the community members concerning this legislation has been hostile, the United states  supreme court  has been receiving numerous critics but have successfully given the final verdict   and its victory was received by over 23 states (Berliner, 1996).

Nevertheless, the community notification of these policies has received higher support. This legislation has helped in promoting the community safety from any sexual abuse through education awareness with adequate surveillance and collaboration between the community and law enforcers. This was  meant to increase the public ability  to protect itself by warning the potential culprits since the offenders suffer disruptive effects like job harassment, loss of employment, ostracism and breakup of personal relationships.

The public notion that the offenders cannot change need to be eradicated, in response from an interview on offender confessed that no one believed that  that he could change. They even went extra mile at attending community meetings as way of demonstration of responsibility and trying to reduce the negative perception concerning the sex offenders.

However, recidivism might too affect the process reason being that the offenders recovery process might be hindered, the process is more stressed   and someone feels isolated as  a result of Megan’s law (Barnoski, 2006).



Moreover,  some are regrettably  in situation where friends ran way from and even some feel that there are never secured in their place of residence,  as a result of shame and embarrassment, this results to loss of  hope for the future as one believes   that the entire of their life  will be  deemed a sex offender.

The community must always be notified about the established legislation so that they too partner with the relevant authorities to help the offenders recover, to overcome such scenarios other alternatives can be put in place such as internet registry whereby an individual registers and receives rehabilitation process unlike being interviewed physically, some agents do lack professional ethics of confidentiality hence the offender feel insecure of the information he is giving (Rudin,1996).

The contemporary popular blanket of justice among the offenders must also be eradicated, there must be independent institution to enforce laws protecting the sex offenders, in this case, the members of the public are too made aware on the punishment especially if an individual is found harassing or victimizing the offender. Therefore the attention on the justice system should be made independent this ultimately becomes more effective mean s of reducing incidence of sex offender recidivism.

According to Hanson & Bussiere, (1998).  The approaches of encouraging appropriate integration are through appreciating the offender’s decision to change the past behavior. Aslo the process of justice system should be taken as fact-finding mission of determining guiltiness but rather an avenue of protecting the sex offender. The use of restorative schemes  with the victims of young people charged with sexual offenses who admit their behaviors should not be diverted to prisons, rather they should be directed to their families  although  most cases they exclude from the family  options.

This programs are aimed at restoring justice, the risk management programs  aims at helping the community   considerably seeking long term support in rehabilitating the offenders., they aim at addressing public concerns  and also the offender needs. Its boosted when the  community work together with collaborating agencies, they focus also on  development and networking  of the informal sector so as to guidance, support and supervision  for the offender to assist in reintegration.

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