Developments Concerning Nationalism And Democracy In Africa

Nationalism and democracy build up a desire for independence in Africa leading them to overthrow the national government. This for example can be shown in the year 1950-1980 where 47 countries in Africa were able to overthrow the colonial rulers. Another incident was after the WW11 where the nationalists in Asia and Africa were able to overthrow the European rule and gained independence in what was termed as the world’s greatest revolutionary movements (Emerson, 1960). It also helped build up several nations’ improvement towards technological and scientific developments. This is evident in 1900’s where the Germans and the British Nations worked towards building several battle ships so as to improve their navies.

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The main aim of the participants who undertook struggle for nationalism and democracy was to overthrow the colonial oppressors and take over their own nations. Other aims were also to overcome ethnic divides and regionalism. This they were able to acquire through the stressing of common oppression and commonalities. They helped workers in fighting for their right by formation of trade unions. The participants aimed to put away segregations such as racial segregation in South Africa. It was also aimed to promote solidarity and unity among all the African people (Chipkin, 2007).

Methods of implementation

Education was given priority as it was very crucial in the rise of nationalism. There was formation of political parties which was operational in the urban and rural areas.Lastly, there was the formation of the social welfare association. This played a great role in the push for the democracy and nationalism (Ogot, 1996)


It helped the nations in Africa to maintain their true religion, culture and language. It also enabled people to be unified who once had no common ground. It enabled them to accomplish things that they would not have otherwise accomplished individually or as a tribe or a clan (Chipkin, 2007).

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