Muslim American Stigmatization after 9/11

Research Topic: Muslim American Stigmatization after 9/11


Islam is the one religion in the world that has faced so many stereotypes than any other religion. This has been caused mostly by Islam extremists who take part in criminal activity such as terrorism and claim that they are doing so for the sake of their religion. One example of this is what Muslims have had to go through since the 9/11 that hit America, leaving thousands dead and several others injured. This led to massive stigmatization of the Muslims who now have to live a life in hiding or in fear.  This paper analyzes the lives of some of the Muslims and how they have had to make adjustments to fit into the society.

Please write the paper using the bottom part as what to write in the Main body.

I.    Muslim stigmatization
I.    Muslims treated with suspicion at the airport
II.    Muslims don’t get employed by non Muslim employers
III.    Children facing discrimination at school
IV.    Religious discrimination turning racial.

Footnotes needed in Chicago format

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