My Experience With Microsoft Word – Discussion

I use word not on an everyday basis but I do you it quite a bit.  There are things that I know I never knew about till I started school.  References, I have never used that I normally if I needed a table of contents I would just guess and type it on where I thought it would be.  Clicking the options at the top make it a whole lot easier and makes it in line and perfect.  Endnotes never used them that I can remember, but I’m sure I will possible try it in my next paper if I am allowed to.  You know my friend had proof read one of my papers and I believe she used that mark entry.  Learn something new every day.  I guess I never really paid attention to the things that were under the tabs, I didn’t know that you could type something and click on the translate option and it would put it in whatever language that you needed it to be.  I was going the long way for that.  I would find a translation web site and type it from there.  I guess I have to really go through each tab and discover what all of it does.  Track changes and Balloons, wow never heard of this

Word templates can be used for different things.  Not only are there ones that are in the system, but you can create your own.  There are creative templates like certificates, coupons, and business cards.  This helps you save on money instead of going to get them done and paying someone.  You would only have to buy the paper.  Also in the section they have documents, which range from a fax cover sheet to a resignation letter.  When I don’t feel like being creative on flyers or things for the job, I will go to the template and search to see if what I’m looking for is in there.  I didn’t create my own template for the APA format, but now that I know that I can use the references feature to insert things I use will update my template.


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