Nintendo Wii U : Lessons Learned for New Strategic Directions

Assignment 2 Nintendo Wii U: Lessons Learned for New Strategic Directions

  1. What are the really key elements for the past success and the challenges the Nintendo Wii U is now facing? [Evaluating current strategy/business model]
  2. Why were the Nintendo Wii U and the DS unexpectedly so successful amid fierce competition from Sony, PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox? [Applying key concepts such as ‘Blue Ocean’]
  3. Why were the Wii U and the 3DS not able to repeat the success of the Wii and the DS as the company expected? [Identifying key strategic issues & problems]
  4.  What is Nintendo’s core competence? To compete with Sony and Microsoft, should the company focus on software development and give up its traditional focus on hardware? [Undertaking analysis applying concepts such as competitive position, industry, market & leveraging of internal resources & capabilities]
  5. Look at Nintendo Wii U medium and long-term strategies announced in the corporate management policy briefing in January 2014. Could Nintendo move along these five development axes with its existing competencies and resources? [Evaluating strategic options-weighing up one against the other]
  6. What would you do if you were Nintendo’s CEO? [Providing recommendations and justifying in terms of competitive advantage]

References according to Harvard Referencing Style . ex – Kramar, R, Bartram, T, De Cieri, H, Noe, RA, Hollenbeck, JR, Gerhart, BA, et al. (eds) 2013, Human resource management in Australia: strategy, people, performance, 5th edn, McGraw-Hill Education, North Ryde.

Number of words: 1,000 words plus References and Appendix.

Nintendo Wii U New Strategic Directions
Nintendo Wii U

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