Market Structure and Production Decisions Formal Report

The Course Project is a formal report (including an executive summary) that provides an insightful analysis of a company’s market structure and production decisions, i.e., expansion, or other economic principles. The project paper must include a minimum of two economic principles studied during the term of the course, i.e. linear regression analysis and trend analysis. The analysis (purpose, methodology, and conclusion) must be documented with academic support in the form of references and in-text citations utilizing APA style. This proposal should include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

  • Identification of the firm involved (text case study, existing firm, or proposed firm)
  • Identification of the appropriate market structure in which the firm is or will do business (eg. competitive, monopolistic, etc.)
  • Identification of internal strengths and weaknesses (or indication of an intention to study them) given microeconomic expectations and external opportunities and threats given macroeconomic expectations and implications for the firm (or indication of an intention to study this)
  • Identification of optimal managerial strategies and tactics given the above, or indication of an intention to do so.
  • These recommended managerial actions should include pricing, production, and resource utilization given the theory and evidence. You should also indicate how each would be expected to add to the value of the selected firm.

The Market Structure and Production Decisions Formal Report should be a minimum of 8 pages.

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