Number One Terrorist Threat To The United States, It History And What United States is Doing About It

Global security comprises of the diplomatic and military measures that international organizations such as NATO and the United Nations together with all countries take to guarantee security and safety.  Hazards and threats to global security advance from Natural Technological Triad, Man-Made, and other factors that cause disturbance to world peace (ElBaradei, 2014). Consequently, some measures need to be in place so as to enforce global security. Examples of these measures are diplomacy, policy development, military action, technology changes, and the implementation and management process.  In line with the increase of global terrorist’s attacks, it has become significant that states, private citizens, and nations, to become more concerned with a strategic vision, identify, prepare, and prevent the global terrorist attacks.

The number one terrorist threat to the United States

The White Americans are the greatest terror threat in the United States; it is evident that most of the terror attacks in the United States were carried out by white supremacists or radical anti-government groups. Conversely, a lot of people have died in terror attacks through American right-wing groups in comparison with the people that have died in attacks by Muslim rebels. However, attacks carried out by right-wing groups obtain moderately little reporting in the media. For instance, many people will try hard to remember the shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin’s, which killed six people (Guion, 2015). Nonetheless, terrorism’s hard to define although it can be described as an ideological violence that comprises of mass shootings.

The history of the terrorist group

ISIS is the terrorist group that threatens to attack the United States, and it can trace its history from the al Qaeda in Iraq, and led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was responsible for the scores of kidnappings, beheadings, and bombings in Iraq after the invasion of the United States. Conversely, the leader was killed in 2006, ISIS is known as the Islamic State of Iraq, as it was born from a brutal al Qaeda group, it has grown from comparative insignificance to outshine its radical patrons (abc News, 2015). Consequently, the terrorist group now terrorizes large portions of Iraq, Syria, and targets the United States military operation in Iraq over the years and has caused cold- blooded deaths and execution of manifold westerners, continuously dominating the headlines.

Although al-Baghdadi is still a threat terror group to the United States, ISIS mainly centers attention on its objective previous to the United States initiated bombing campaign. Nevertheless, the United States and other nations continue to assail ISIS targets; the terror group regularly calls its clique and supporters to conduct lethal attacks at home. For instance, one of the gunmen in a double terror attack in Paris in January 2015 alleged that he was a member of ISIS; however the other shooters in the terror attack were associated with an al Qaeda link (abc News, 2015). Therefore, days after the Paris attack the government of the United States proclaimed they had detained an ISIS supporter, an Ohio man who intended to bomb the United States Capitol. Additionally, the Western intelligence agencies are apprehensive about those who travel to Iraq and Syria to fight with ISIS before they return home. Further, Rasmussen said in February 2015 that the battlefields in Iraq and Syria offer foreign fighters with contest experience, training, weapons, explosives, and access to terrorist’s networks, which may be planning attacks that target the United States.

What the United States is doing to address the terrorist threat

President Barack Obama said in a live address from the Oval Office that the terrorist threat has advanced and evolved into a stage that comprises of mass shootings. However, the nation and the international partners will triumph. The president continued to say that the threat from terrorism is bona fide. However, he says the United States will overcome the terror threats. Conversely, the United States has advanced in preventing sophisticated, versatile attacks like the attack that took place on September 2011 (The Economics Times, 2015). However, the terrorists have resulted in less convoluted acts of violence such as the mass shootings that occurred at Chattanooga, Tennessee in July, San Bernardino, California, and Fort Hood Texas in 2009.

President Obama laid out his strategy for wiping out ISIL; he said that the U.S military together with the partners will continue to gun down terrorist conspirators in any county (The Economics Times, 2015). For example, in Syria, and Iraq, airstrikes are capturing ISIL leaders, oil tankers, infrastructures, and weapons, and Germany, United Kingdom, and France have teamed up to the alliance military campaign. Secondly, the President continued to say that the alliance will equip and train thousands of Syrian and Iraqi armies who will fight ISIL on the ground to eradicate its safe asylum. Further, the President said that the United States has collaborated with allies and friends to prevent and stop the operations of ISIL by cutting off financial support, preventing recruiting efforts, and disrupting its plans and plots. Lastly, with the powerful American leadership the international community has implemented a timeline and a process to track political resolution and ceasefires to the Syria war.

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