Objectives Evidence That Inspires Avon’s Visions


            Each company is important to have a vision and mission statement because it imbue the sense of identity and belonging to employees. Vision provides unanimity of purpose to the company by carrying the company’s motto and creed(Barnat, 2014). Vision and mission statement serves as the guide by spelling out how the company operates, hence providing the employees with the tone on how they operates through creation of organizational climate. They comprehensively define the purpose for the existence of the company and the directions in which the organization must follow in order to actualize its goals(Watkins, 2007). In a nutshell vision statement of any organization serves as a focal point to which employees identify themselves and give a sense of direction and at the same time deterring individuals who wish not to follow and participate in company’s activities.

This paper present the objectives evidence that inspires the Avons’ visions through core values that are set to be followed in order for the company to realize and accomplish its financial and strategic objectives. The vision statement of Avon Company intended to distinguish it as an outstanding enterprise(Barnat, 2014). Avon Company is guided by the core values and principles that ensures that the company achieve its visions and objective. These values and principles include:

  • Belief: This is the cornerstone of the company since it empowers the employees to assume the responsibilities and deliver their best in order to ensure that the company achieve its goals. The belief of Avon Company is that the employees gives their best in order to prove that they are right.
  • Integrity: This is the hallmark of all the employees and the associates of Avon Company. Employees are required to adhere and observe the highest ethical standards by doing the right thing. Integrity ensures that the employees fulfill their duty of care to the communities, customers, representatives, colleagues and themselves.
  • Respect: This enables the employees to acknowledge the diversity as well as respecting the unique qualities of each individual working or interacting with the company. The vision of the Avon Company is that respect brings out the full potentials of each employee.
  • Trust: This ensures that the employees operate and work in an environment whereby the communication is open. The employee should trust their colleagues and management hence enabling them to take risks and share their point of view and free to express their opinion freely. The employee should trust their colleagues to do the right thing and help each to understand their underlying philosophies and reasoning.
  • Humility: This serves as the guidance for the employees and the society in which the company operates in by showing that the company does not always provide all the answers for their problems. This is clear indication that the employees of the Avon Company are no less human and they can make mistakes and ask for help or assistance where they deem necessary. This empowers the employees not to be afraid to seek help and guidance on something they deem necessary.

The principles that guide Avon

This principles ensures that Avon Company realizes its vision and mission. These principles serves as the objectives of Avon. These are:

  • To offer the employees and the community they serve in the opportunity to earn support of their happiness and well-being.
  • To provide the community and the society with the products that are guaranteed of the highest quality and satisfying their needs.
  • To provide the community and the society with services that are outstanding in courtesy and helpfulness.
  • To recognize and acknowledge fully the contribution and efforts of the representative and the employees for the services they deliver.
  • To share with the employees and the community the rewards of success and growth.
  • To fully comply with the obligations of corporate citizenship through contribution to the well-being of the society and the environment in which it operates in.
  • To cherish and maintain the friendly spirit of Avon.

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