Online Courses Analysis – Public Administration

Public administration is a discipline that generally deals with administration of public resources. It involves among other things decision making within government bodies. The program offers insight into management techniques used by public service bodies to run and manage public projects in the best interest of the public. This degree program therefore prepares students for careers within the public service such as civil servants including other related fields such as statistics and budgeting. There exist a wide range of job opportunities especially for those interested in public administration. For this course, there exist an online degree program that facilitates career success. It includes related course programs. So individuals must first determine their areas of interest within public administration so that they pursue the online public administration courses that suit their interests.

A fully online Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration should be established to facilitate career success for students interested in pursuing public administration. An online learning platform is critical in this technology age where every aspect is going digital. People have different preference depending on how they carry out their daily activities. Some people prefer learning from their comfort zones or their areas of preferences. The internet has made tremendous advancements in the learning sector and this not only through online learning platforms but also academic materials available online. This program should be fully established to accommodate the rising number of students interested in working for the government. However, in choosing online learning programs, it is important to choose from accredited institutions. Generally, flexibility in education should be fully embraced and an alternative to traditional classroom such as online learning platforms are key to this course (Van, 2016).

With the increasing advancements in technology, traditional classroom is gradually becoming obsolete because most institutions are providing an alternative online platform which has become a preference for most students. The flexibility of these programs is the driving factor behind why most students prefer long-distance learning to traditional classroom. Today, most people pursue higher education alongside work which makes it difficult for them to attend classes. These programs therefore help them to organize their schedules and attend online classes.

Additionally, it is less expensive to pursue online education. Students of online learning are not subjected to some of the costs incurred by students of traditional classroom. The full establishment of this program would therefore reduce the cost of higher education for students pursuing public administration through online programs (Van, 2016). However, in as much as online learning can be a better deal for most students, it comes along with certain shortcomings. Laxity to learn is one of the most common shortcomings of this system. Unlike students of traditionally classroom, distance learning students may not embrace the seriousness required in learning. This is because the decision to learn entirely depends on how they feel at a given point in time and the environment of learning sometimes does not facilitate learning.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that the public sector is the biggest employer and that means that it attracts most individuals hence pooling more students to pursue public administration and related course. For this reason, the full establishment of online learning platforms for public administration students will be an incentive for students incapable of attending classes to still pursue their career interests.

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