Parish Nursing Vs Other Nurses Role In Community Health

Nursing is considered as a profession in the medication sector and it is aimed at providing care of people, communities and families hence facilitating attainment, recovery and maintenance of optimal quality and health in personal livelihood. Generally, nurses can be distinguished from other health care givers through their training, approach to patient considerations, and practice’s scope (Chase‐Ziolek & Striepe, 2009). Actually, diverse nurses always provide medication within the ordering field of physicians, hence this is considered as a traditional role aimed at shaping the historic public image of physicians as care givers. Nurses are allowed by various jurisdictions to exercise independently in immense settings depending on their training levels. Otherwise, this assignment is aimed at providing comparison between parish nursing and the obligation of other nurses within the community health (Anderson, 2004).

Foremost, both community health and parish nursing are aimed at promoting health within the society through providing individuals with tactics as well issuing individuals with medication service. On the other hand, these two types of health care givers also acts as advisory bodies through providing the society with advices concerning better means of living a scot-free life which is not being affected wellbeing complications. Moreover, both forms of health care givers are aimed at ensuring that all people are living effectively and efficiently without encountering big burdens triggered by unhealthy living (Chase‐Ziolek & Striepe, 2009).

Otherwise, these two forms of health care providers have indicated various distinctions as far as their roles and responsibilities toward community are concerned. Foremost, the Parish nursing is comparatively considered as a new practice by which nurses provide their gifts and skills within a church or congregational setting (Simpson & King, 2009). At this point, church nursing professionals provides a plethora of annihilation, experience and expectations towards the healing ministry of faith societies. Being representing the Christian university, the health care givers falling under this sector are viewed to be endowed with values and experience to aid individuals to harness place as parish physicians within this advancing field (Miskely, 2005).

Since diverse people are cumbered with healthcare insurance challenges particularly while finding affordable options for medication, there emerges a suitable ministry chances for the local church. Precisely, those individuals having certification of faith community nursing are always prepared to direct a local, church-linked healthcare ministry that instigates exciting opportunities for the community to indicate God’s consideration to needy individuals and share the love for Jesus Christ with people whom are considered as pagan affiliation and those lacking meaningful linkage with God’s life-changing power and love (Anderson, 2004).

Alternatively, the community health is aimed at fighting challenges which influences the entire health of the community. For example, this sector is focused on infectious ailments such s tuberculosis and it also controls these diseases mostly in urban settings. Furthermore, this field also concentrates on solving healthcare problems affecting children health and wellbeing hence providing tactics of preventing diseases, violence, environmental toxins, injuries as well as accidents. Moreover, these types of nurses are also concerned with improvement of health results through expanding the infrastructure for controlling and managing various diseases which affects the society. At this juncture, these nurses target the traditional public health settings and community medical officers thus ensuring that new mothers as well as expectant ladies are having the reserves to suitably care for themselves and their children (Meyer, 2003).

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